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Welcome to Wescle.

There is a high probability that using a similar Nulled solution on the net that you can find, you will get:

  1. Viral code – Special codes are often inserted that can receive information from your site and its visitors, as well as distribute the virus code to users of your site. What is the danger? You are the guarantor of the private information of all your site visitors (where the Nulled product will be used), so if you transfer information to third parties or a virus code is distributed through your resource, you may be blocked by the hosting for spamming, and you also violate the law on private information – more responsibility lies with you.
  2. Loss of performance and functionality of the Wescle product declared by the developers – we do not guarantee that the hackers of the product have modified or changed the code, thus all the functionality may not work correctly.
  3. Receiving complaints and bans in search networks for copyright. If a user of a site on which a hacked topic (we will quickly determine by the code) contacts us for support, then we will certainly transfer this resource to special authorities, and also file a complaint in search networks for copyright infringement (and these resources will be banned in the near future, where it is very difficult to get out).
  4. Wasted time and money on a resource that may become inoperable in the future. Wescle product developers have spent more than 2 years creating a good and high-quality product for the site owners and it is constantly being improved. We strongly recommend that you use only the official theme because you spend your time and money on creating a site that should bring you results in your business.

We CAN HELP, only 1 time, if you voluntarily contact support and say that you own a hacked Nulled template, we can help you switch to the official theme, at a discount, and we will not file any claims or complaints against your resource.

You can buy the official product and get all the benefits here.