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Terms of use

Before using the services or products of the site (https://wescle.com/), you should read this user agreement in detail.

This Wescle.com User Agreement sets out the terms, conditions, and guidelines regarding the use of a particular Internet resource. The user agreement also applies to the goods, products, and services provided by the website.

By accepting the User Agreement, a person automatically accepts the terms of the offer agreement, which is located at https://wescle.com/.

  • WordPress is a special system that allows you to manage your site, it is distributed under the GPL license.
  • Wescle does not sell WordPress itself.
  • On the Wescle website, anyone can sign up for a license agreement to have access to the use of a premium theme and a premium subscription for the WordPress system.
  • All rights, including the intellectual property of each product, which is located on the expanses of the Wescle.com web resource, is at the disposal and right of ownership solely of the administrator or owner of the site. Copyright is protected by the relevant law of the current legislation.
  • On the site https://wescle.com/, customers can only receive electronic products, they are sent to their buyer using e-mail. Therefore, it must be indicated at the time of purchase. The cost of the goods can be found on the page of this product. The price can be adjusted unilaterally.
  • By purchasing an electronic version of a product, a person gets the right to use it exclusively on his website or websites, if there are several. Resale or rental is strictly prohibited. Only under the condition of a unique partnership of participation in the White Label program.
  • If Wescle.com detects the illegal distribution of purchased products on the Internet, the buyer’s account will be subject to blocking. Moreover, such an action is carried out without warning.
  • Thanks to this User Agreement, the process of acquiring, paying, as well as receiving electronic goods, which are somehow connected with the Internet resource https://wescle.com/, is regulated.
  • The product owner (Customer) undertakes not to use the information provided for illegal purposes and not to transfer it to third parties.
  • By leaving an application on the Internet portal, the User automatically agrees to receive newsletters regarding updated information, products, goods, and services provided by the site https://wescle.com/.
  • The site administration works for the benefit of providing customers with reliable and correct information, but at the same time does not exclude the possibility of errors.
  • The administration at any stage of the discussion of the contract may refuse to provide services and sell the product, without explaining the reasons to the second party.
  • All information, rights, design, product names belong to the legal owners of the site and cannot be used by third parties.
  • The user agrees that all possible disputes will be resolved in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

The license, which is granted for a limited number of domains, also applies to subdomains in the same way. That is, to change the theme, the user will need to update the license.