Refund Policy - Wescle

Refund Policy

The Wescle store distributes electronic products that fall under the Good Quality Non-Food category. They cannot be returned or exchanged for a similar product.

If the consumer received an improper product for which he gave money, then a refund occurs within fourteen days after the purchase. However, such a procedure can be carried out only in the cases listed below:

  • The plugin or theme does not perform the declared functions by more than 20%.
  • The buyer is using the latest version of WordPress.
  • The plugin or theme has been tested on a freshly installed WordPress program without the use of third-party themes or plugins.
  • The integrity of the source code was not violated in the program received from us, just like any other changes were not made.
  • The issue was not caused by a third-party theme or plugin conflict.
  • The buyer provides the seller with access to his web resource (admin panel, FTP) in order for the specialists to work on fixing the problem.

In order to return the funds back, you need to write a letter to the technical support service. Questions regarding the return of funds are considered within two weeks (14 days) after receiving the relevant request. The cost of the goods will be returned to the consumer’s account after the agreement is signed regarding the non-use of both the whole product and its individual parts.