Features - Wescle


Wescle YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the YouTube channel from our project, be the first to know about new products and watch training videos on setting up each function

Site Properties


Adding a logo in the header of the site and on the login page of the admin panel

Title and Description

Add a site name instead of a logo, and a description next to the logo on the right

Basic and voice search

Enable search globally for the site, with a choice: site-wide, store, blog. Available voice search with language selection and visual display of 3 templates

Insert code before head and body tags

Add the necessary analytics codes in the site header before closing the head and body

Visual design

Site template

Control the site width: limited or full width. Adjust corner rounding globally across the entire site


Customize the color of the logo if used as text, or control the width of the logo on 3 types of PC, tablet and mobile. devices

Element colors

Set globally for all blocks and pages the colors of the elements of links, buttons, icons

Site background

Set the background color, add an image to the background, or set up an animated background

Site header

Control the header container width, background color, menu block and text color

Website footer

Control footer container width, customize colors, 2 preset color schemes Dark and Light

Scroll style

Specify your site’s scroll colors, standard and on hover

Font settings

Choose from available Google fonts or upload your own custom font. Set the size of headings and text on 3 types of PC, tablet and mobile. devices


Customize the button style of any block, globally from 3 settings Base color, Normal or animated background

Label and Category Style

Customize the style of labels and tags in articles and categories

Color of links in the main menu

Customize the style of the first and second level menu base and hover

Floating button style

Control the color of floating buttons, customize the background, color, base and hover

Style for “Weekdays”

Customize the colors of working and non-working days in the header and footer to match the style of your site

Header customization

Top banner

Add a top banner in the form of a slider, which will be displayed from the cookie settings after closing, you can add it to different pages separately

Top bar

Add an additional drop-down menu above the main header, you can attach a social. web, transfer store icons


Add your company addresses, you can add one or more addresses


Add a dropdown widget with phones, social. networks attached by operators, links are immediately pre-installed for the necessary social networks. networks

Working day

Display working and non-working hours of your company


Choose how to use the CTA action button in the site header: Regular button or Predefined modal window with a contact form

Block order

Control the display order of all header and icon elements

Header position

Set how the site header should behave when scrolling: Disappear when scrolling down and appear when scrolling up, or static, no movement

Header type

Choose your header style from 6 templates, customize the order as you like

Menu setting

Customize how the menu will be displayed, in full width or in a hierarchy, enable dark or light burger menu style on adaptive screens

Footer setup

Subscription form

Add a signature to the subscription form, and specify the form itself, which you can integrate into mailing services


Specify e-mails for communication, there may be one or more


Specify the copyright of your site, where the change of the year will automatically work


Add icons of payment systems, a signature, this is required by payment systems

Social Links

Add links to social media networks, there are basic pre-installed icons, as well as the ability to add custom

Block order

Control the order in which elements are displayed in the footer

Home Page Builder \ Gutenberg Blocks

First impression

Text before “First Screens”

Make a description in front of the main screen, for example, add an H1 heading before displaying other blocks

Home screen template

Choose one of 9 first screen templates, pre-installed for a blog, corporate website, store

Customizing the “Home Screen”

Each time you select a home screen template, the options for customizing the home screen are enabled

Repeaters on the main page

Shop Blocks

Add store and product blocks on the main page, on articles and service pages, where there are preset settings for different types of sites

Blocks with posts

Add blocks with articles where you can choose one of 4 types of display templates

Products in tabs

Add product slider output by tabs, for example, Promotions, New, Popular

Highlight the benefits

Block “Benefits”

Display the benefits of your company or product with a service in the form of an icon, title and description

Block “Characteristics”

Display the block from left to right with the ability to add a line, photo or video checkbox

Block “Advantages 4 x 1”

An interesting method of displaying benefits with a photo in the center and a blur effect

Block “For and Against”

Tell why your product is better than others using this block

Block “Checklist”

Highlight your competitive edge with checklist animations

Block “History\Timeline”

Add a timeline, steps on how to start, order a service or tell the story of your company by indicating the year

Tell about your services

Block “Services”

Display the list of services in the form of a tile with separate pages where you can use blocks for selling services and an appointment form

Block “Services 2”

Display ancillary services that do not require separate pages

Block “Services: slider”

An additional view of the display of services in the form of a slider with the ability to go to a separate page


Block “Products / Services”

Add info products, such as a course, a service, something that can be a separate page and does not require payment integration, where you can simply collect a contact using a form

Woo Product banners

Display promotional offers, or just an info banner with a discount

Block “Licenses”

Make offer packages that can be used with WooCommerce store and payment system

Showcase your work

Block “Portfolio of works”

Make a display of a portfolio of completed works with the ability to display separate pages with each work and show the maximum of its implementation

Block “Gallery”

Display a gallery of works, using a slider gallery, add categories and image collections

Tell about yourself

Block “About us”

Information block with the ability to show the title, text, images and link to a separate page

Block “About us 2”

Display company benefits with icons and image

Block “Information”

Display an information slider where the icon, title and description

Block “Team”

Display the team of your company, link links to contacts, add a photo and position

Block “Information with a banner”

Information block with photo, title and description

Block “Team 2”

Display your company team in a different 50×50 grid view, add a photo, link links to contacts, photos and position

Block “Team 3”

A separate opportunity to create a command block and add a separate page with a detailed description for each

Block “Methods of payment”

Display a list of currencies or payment methods that you accept in the form of a slider with the ability to link to a separate page

Block “Indicators”

Display the benefits, or use this block for any purpose, for example, show savings

Block “Which site”

Information slider with the ability to add buttons with a transition to pages, where the background, title and description on hover

Block “Why WordPress”

One of the blocks to display the benefits

Block “Economy”

Show how you can save the client’s budget using your company or why your product is cheaper than others, but at the same time better

Your activities

Block “Events”

Organize events or have important events in your activity, display them… the pages have a separate URL where you can add a detailed description of the event using Gutenberg blocks

Block “Program / Schedule”

Display the program of your event with a detailed description of the speakers, schedule, and venue

Video carousel block

Display a video block with the ability to specify the duration of the video, views, and link to YouTube video

Block “Video”

The ability to make video lessons, and a separate page with a description where the video will be displayed

Block “Video MAX”

Display a video playlist using your YouTube videos

Block “Stories”

Show the latest news in an interesting format, a la instagram or facebook stories, it is possible to preview round and rectangular ones, add photos or videos in the preview

Increase desire to buy

Block “CTA”

Add a block for a call to action, link a link to another page, or call a modal window with a contact form

Block “CTA in the center”

An additional block for a call to action, where you can display information in the center

Block “CTA minimal”

Info block with title, description, buttons and image

Block “Before – After”

An interesting module for displaying, for example, on a landing page, a one-page site, showing before and after your work

Block “Special offer”

Add a special offer in the form of a promotion with a timer and an order form

Share your opinion

Block “Reviews”

Display what clients say about your company or product, attach a video or text review, it is possible to display a general review page

Block “Video reviews”

Add video testimonials from your YouTube channel, a great way to add a testimonial carousel to show how cool you are in your work

Answer the questions

Block “FAQ”

Create an info block with FAQs, text and title, use these blocks on any page with Gutenberg

Block “Instruction\Knowledge Base”

You need to display instructions for working with your company or training on ordering goods / services, use this block, where you can make categories with a floating menu widget and a quick transition to the section, also display a separate page

Tell about the prices

Block “Prices”

Display price offers in an interesting tile format, where there is an icon, title, what is included and what is not included, with the ability to add a price and attach a modal window to the button or go to a regular page

Block “Price list”

Create a price list in the form of tabs, where there may be additional information in the form of a table with prices, you can also display a separate page with a price list

Block “What’s Included”

Create a price list in the form of benefits, what is included and what is not included in the tariff or purchase of the ordered service, there is a separate page

Tell about processes

Block “How we work”

Tell site visitors how you work and you can simply order your product or service

Block “How we work 2”

An alternative method of displaying services, with an icon image, title, description and a button to the detailed page

Block “Tabs with objects”

An interesting block with the output of advantages in the form of categorization and division into tabs


Block “Contacts”

Display your company’s contact details, map directions, and add a contact form to get in touch

Block “Our partners”

Display a list of your partners, add their logo and link to their sites

Block “Partners 2”

Display a tile of your partners, with the ability to make a separate page with a description of this partner and all the benefits, for example, use the block for the affiliate program and ref. program

Block “SEO”

Add SEO text at the end of your page, it has expand and collapse functionality, thanks to this, you can add large text for SEO queries there

Block sorting

Control the display position of all blocks in both the customizer and Gutenberg blocks

Sidebar customization

Control the display of the sidebar on the main page and on other pages

Block “Attention”

Use special animation blocks to attract attention, where there are prepared icons, and you can also add your own

Setting up internal pages

Article\Post customization

Choose from 4 article header templates, control the sidebar display, metadata elements like post date, author, views, and more.

Page Settings

Control the display of the sidebar, metadata elements like post date, author, views, add a contact form at the bottom of the page, and more.

Service setup

Choose from 4 Service header templates, manage sidebar display, meta data elements like post date, author, views, etc.

Setting up a portfolio of work

Choose from 4 portfolio header templates, control sidebar display, meta data elements like post date, author, views, and more.

Setting up an event

Choose from 4 Event header templates, control sidebar display, meta data elements like post date, author, views, and more.

Product customization

Choose from 4 product header templates, control sidebar display, meta data elements like post date, author, views, etc.

Video setup

Choose from 4 Video header templates, control sidebar display, meta data elements like post date, author, views, and more.

Team Page setup

Choose from 4 Team header templates, control sidebar display, meta data elements like post date, author, views, and more.

WooCommerce product setup

Customize WooCommerce store product, 2 product galleries, floating cart, product quick view, AJAX adding, change button names, show or hide categories, tags, social. buttons, similar products, add unique blocks with information for each product separately or globally for all

Slide banners

Create promotional banners after the site header, to increase sales, for example, in the Shopping Cart, display them on any pages

Category settings

Customizing WP Categories

Choose globally how to show tiles of article objects in categories and subcategories one of 4 templates, control the width of the container and sidebar, hide meta data on objects such as publication date, category, author, etc.

Customizing Video Categories

Choose from 2 templates how to display the category page for the video block

Setting up WooCommerce categories

Manage WooCommerce store categories, sidebar position, container and sidebar width, carousel display with tags, product categories, remove product title restriction, price position, product availability, rating, products without end of list

Additional settings \ Modules

Highlight links in articles

Highlight links automatically with a transparent background and color in all articles, this will increase visibility and transitions within the article and page

Floating buttons

Manage settings for floating buttons, phone display, transfer flags, e-mail, add your own button, customize the display order of all buttons, set the position to the center, bottom, or point to 3 screens PC, tablet, mobile. device your parameter

Classic Editor

Enable support for classic editor styles for customizer blocks, we recommend using Gutenberg blocks already

Module “Breadcrumbs”

Use the output of breadcrumbs from the theme, or from the Yoast SEO plugin and others

View counter module

Turn on the view count module to show how popular you are

Share module

Display theme share buttons in articles, pages, products, or add your own shortcode from any plugin and it will be shown

Post “Table of Content” module

Turn on the automatic content of the article, post, product, where the titles will be put down as links with a display hierarchy and a quick transition to the section

Module “Lightbox”

Turn on the lightbox so that the inserted photos in articles or pages have modal preview windows

“Schema Organization” module

If you don’t use any plugin like Yoast SEO, then set Schema settings from theme, built-in module

Module “Banner Cookies”

Display consent to the processing of user data on the site using the cookie banner

WPML \ Polylang

Compatibility with translation plugins, where a page translation output button is automatically added

Module “Last-Modified”

An SEO parameter that will help the robots on your site only go through the right pages that have changed

Module-configuration for “PageSpeed”

Built-in Minify & Combine for CSS+J, Added Minify HTML, Advanced settings: Emojis, RSD links, wlwmanifest, XFN, RSS, Shortlink, lazyload, caching and more

SEO module

If you are not using any plugin, everything is ready for meta snippets and settings in the theme, just turn on the switch and all articles and pages will pull up the parameters

Module “Robots.txt”

Customize Robots.txt through the WordPress customizer, or the Yoast SEO plugin if you use it or any other

Module “Wescle Popup”

Enable modal popups from the theme, no need to install additional plugins, 5 kinds of modal window templates, with great settings

“Communication Widget” module

Use the widget with preset settings for different social networks, no chat yet, but it is already in development

Module “Banner-timer”

Display a sticky banner at the bottom of the footer with a timer and info

Module “Light\Dark mode”

Turn on the automatic switch of the dark and light theme of the site, you can set auto-detection from the browser

Annotations\Todo-list module

Use the to-do-list module to set tasks for the necessary sections on your site on any page, communicate with employees and solve important matters for the development of the site

Module “Find the hidden element”

Marketing module, to raise interest in a purchase or create a promotion, set a hidden element and go to the URL, or a modal window

Module “Code Highlighting”

Do you teach programming? Use this module to insert ready-made widgets for code copying and markup highlighting in more than 20 languages


Display brands in your store, they are globally used in products, categories, and a separate page with alphabetical categorization

Quick View Product Woo

Customize the appearance of a quick pop-up to view the product, change the name of the buttons as convenient

14 ad blocks

Add shortcodes, ad inserts on almost all blocks and pages, where you can think of, we have prepared all possible places for inserting the code