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License agreement

The concept of this License Agreement means the acceptance of the concept of the owner of the Product (Customer), which is addressed to any individual or legal entity, that is, the user. This concept is put into effect when both parties accept all the terms of this agreement, fully agree with them, and are ready to cooperate, work on the specified conditions.

Before purchasing the software, the customer must carefully study all the features and information contained in the relevant document. The possibility of obtaining the right to use the software can only be after the client accepts all the rules and conditions specified in the relevant document (contract).

When the owner of the product acquires the right to the software, he automatically agrees to all the terms and conditions of its use.


The owner of the license is an individual entrepreneur Mandrik S.I. (TIN 3289415036), which owns all rights to the license.

Software is a product of intellectual work in which a certain number of codes are collected. With their help, you can solve a number of tasks and functions. They can be aimed at both the functionality and the appearance of the product owner.

License – the right to use the software by the owner of the product, which is transferred by the owner of the license based on the terms of the signed agreement.

The License Key is a specific set of characters used to identify the License in the product owner’s system.

License owner’s website —

Offer – the current Agreement, which is posted on the Internet, and is a public offer of the license holder. It is concluded on the basis of acceptance of the terms of the Agreement. The terms of the contract are standard between the license holder and all product owners (customers).

Acceptance is the provision by the owner of the product of consent to the terms of the Agreement presented. The license owner’s offer is considered concluded from the moment the product owner (customer) pays and receives the rights to use the software.

The Subject of Agreement

  1. The subject of this Agreement is the direct transfer by the licensee of non-exclusive rights to use the software to the product owner on the basis of a standard license. This happens on the basis of providing software and a license key, in return receiving a certain amount of remuneration.
  2. This Agreement shall take effect at the time of full payment on the terms and conditions specified in the Agreement.
  3. The software is developed using the following programming languages: ReactJS, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS. Regarding the list of sections, modules, technical capabilities, and functions of the software, it directly depends on the name of the software chosen by the owner of the product. The version of the modification also affects, which is indicated on the official website of the license owner.
  4. The Product Owner (Customer) has no right to transfer the rights to use the Software to third parties.
  5. The Software is not sold but only provided for use on the described terms of the Agreement. The license owner (holder) retains all rights to the Software in any event.
  6. The license granted on the basis of this Agreement is considered non-exclusive (simple), non-transferable, and personal. At the same time, the License Owner retains the full right to present the Software to other persons on the basis of a similar Agreement.

Execution of Agreement

  1. The license holder undertakes to provide a non-exclusive license within five working days. The countdown of days starts from the date of receipt of the remuneration by the license holder to his current account, with confirmation of the statement from the account.
  2. The Product Owner (Customer) has the right to use the Software only on the terms and in the ways provided for by the Agreement and to comply with all restrictions that are determined by the License.
  3. The Product Owner has the right to collect data on license key usage and domains where the Product Owner’s Software is installed. If the product does not have an official license key, or the code, the so-called “Nulled”, is hacked and changed, the Product Owner reserves the right to block the user and add a blocking code on the domain website until the situation is clarified.
  4. The owner of the product (Customer) is provided with technical support in relation to the use of the software throughout the entire term of the license. Support is available at the following email address:

Rights and obligations of the parties

During the term of the license, the Product Owner (Customer) undertakes:

  1. Do not make modifications with respect to the source code of the software.
  2. Do not transfer the license, software, and license key to third parties.
  3. Do not publish the Software, license, and license key in full or in part to third parties.
  4. Do not sell, rent, lease, or loan the license, license key, or software.

During the term of the signed agreement, the license owner (holder) undertakes:

  1. Provide advisory support upon request to the email address
  2. Within one month of using the software after the date of signing, correct possible problems or deficiencies that will be discovered by the owner of the product (Customer). This rule applies to those shortcomings that cause the inability to use the software or its individual components for their intended purpose.
  3. The license owner provides technical support to the product owner for the duration of the contract after the product owner purchases the software.
  4. The license owner cannot change the key set, functional features of the software provided for use without notification and prior notification.
  5. The license owner has the full right to adjust the cost of purchasing the software by notifying the product owner about this before signing the contract. Changes in the cost of a license are not subject to those agreements that were signed before the change in pricing policy.

Payment procedure and transfer of rights

  1. To purchase a license on the site of its owner, you need to place and pay for an order, while choosing the parameters of the required license (by the number of domains). In this case, the product owner transfers the reward to the license owner (
  2. Payment is made in the full amount of the cost of the software license (100% of the contract amount) in the national currency of Ukraine hryvnia, according to the account details of the license owner (holder) and the amount specified in the invoice by the license owner (holder) and provided to the product owner (Customer).
  3. The license owner (holder) undertakes to transfer the right to use the software, namely to activate the license in accordance with all specified license restrictions, within five business days from the date of crediting the funds to the account of the license owner, which was deposited by the product owner as payment for the license to the account of its owner. The date of transfer of funds to the current account of the license owner (holder) is confirmed by an account statement.
  4. If within ten days from the date of payment for the license the licensee does not provide the purchased product, and at the same time a written complaint from the product owner is not received by the licensee to the e-mail address, then the non-exclusive right to use the Software has been transferred the owner of the license in full and in accordance with the conditions specified in the agreement.
  5. Acceptance of rewards for obtaining the opportunity to use the Software can only be accepted from individuals or legal entities and in the ways indicated on the web resource

License extension

  1. To increase the number of licensed domains, you need to deposit additional funds for the expansion by using your personal account.
  2. The cost of additional domains is indicated in the personal account upon request through the support of the license owner (holder).

Responsibility of the parties

  1. For non-use or improper use of the signed Agreement, both parties are responsible in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.
  2. The license owner (holder) does not compensate third parties for losses incurred in connection with the use and/or inability to use the Software, disclosure of confidential information to third parties, and other losses, including the lack of benefit from using the Software.
  3. The license owner (holder) is not responsible for the non-compliance with the current legislation of information that is transmitted based on the software used, the actions of the product owner (Customer), and causing any damage to third parties in connection with this. If claims are made against the license owner (holder) from third parties that are related to the transmitted or disclosed information and causing material damage. The owner of the product (Customer) undertakes to independently settle such claims at his own expense, as well as to compensate for all material losses that were caused to the owner of the license and third parties as a result of illegal actions of the owner of the product (Customer).
  4. If violations of the current legislation of Ukraine are revealed and if there are relevant orders from law enforcement agencies or officials of state institutions, the license owner (holder) has every right to restrict the access to the software provided, while notifying in writing about the measures taken.
  5. Use of the software is at your own risk. The Software is provided as-is. The license owner (holder) assumes no responsibility, including the suitability of the software for the purposes of the product owner (Customer).
  6. All submitted materials and information together with the software can be used at your own risk and peril, after the transfer of access to the software, the buyer (the product owner – Customer) is solely responsible, including for damage that third-party computers may receive, for data loss, or other harm.

Validity, Modification, and termination of the Agreement

  1. This agreement comes into force from the moment of its signing by the parties. The term of the contract expires according to the terms for which the software is purchased.
  2. The parties may terminate the agreement before the term of the agreement by agreement of the two parties, or on the basis of the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.
  3. Either party may terminate the agreement before the end of its term, while it is obliged to notify the other party of the decision made at least thirty days before the date of termination of the agreement in writing by mail to At the same time, the license holder is not obliged to pay the cost of the software license in proportion to the expiration period of the contract.
  4. The license owner (holder) has the full right to change the terms of the agreement in relation to the existing agreements. At the same time, he is obliged to notify the owner of the product about this by publishing a new contract on the website of the license owner (holder).
  5. If the other party violates the terms of this agreement, then the license owner (holder) has the right to terminate the agreement early and unilaterally. At the same time, access to the software is blocked instantly, without prior notification.

Force majeure circumstances (force majeure)

  1. Both parties may be released from liability for full or partial failure to fulfill the obligations specified in this agreement if this happened due to force majeure circumstances. These can be: DDoS attacks, fire, flood, earthquake, sabotage, military actions, or changes in the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, if these circumstances directly affected the fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement. At the same time, the terms of the contract are extended exactly for the period during which the above circumstances were in effect.
  2. The license owner (holder) is obliged within 10 days to write a letter to the mail that was indicated during registration by the product owner (Customer) about the beginning and end of force majeure circumstances that exclude the possibility of fulfilling the obligations of this agreement.
  3. If force majeure excludes the possibility of receiving correct services for three months, then each party may terminate the contract unilaterally. In this case, written notification is required no later than 15 days before the date of termination of this agreement.

Final clauses

  1. If any of the stated conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable by an administrative authority or competent authorities of the jurisdiction, this does not interfere with the fulfillment of the other conditions described in this Agreement.
  2. Everything that is regulated by the current agreement is regulated on the basis of the current legislation of Ukraine.
  3. When signing the contract, the product owner automatically agrees to receive the newsletter to the email address that was specified in the personal account when registering on the license owner’s website.
  4. The terms of this agreement come into force and are fulfilled unless other conditions are prescribed based on the agreement of both parties.
  5. The license owner (holder) at any stage of negotiating or discussing the contract may refuse to sign the contract and sell the software license, while he is not obliged to explain the reason that caused such a decision.

Details of the license owner

Private Entrepreneur (FOP)

Mandrik Stanislav Igorevich

TIN: 3289415036