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Unleash Your Full Productivity Potential: Experience the Ultimate All-in-One AI Solution

Unleash Your Full Productivity Potential: Experience the Ultimate All-in-One AI Solution

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Automate for Growth, Thrive in Life

2464 Customers Leveraging Wescle have Experienced

70%: More Time for What Matters

Wescle AutoGPT liberates your schedule by automating tasks, granting you an incredible 70% more time to spend on cherished moments with family and personal passions.

10x: Faster Decision-Making

Make swift and precise decisions with the prowess of AI, tripling your decision-making speed for quicker and smarter choices in every aspect of life and business.

4x: Content Engagement, Sales Surge

Skyrocket your business with Wescle’s automated content creation, driving a substantial increase in downloads and sales.

10x: Effortless Daily Task Optimization

Automate routine tasks and free yourself to tackle high-priority tasks, boosting your efficiency and output.

10x: ROI Transformation

Experience a remarkable return on investment as Wescle revolutionizes your workflow, yielding impressive results.

10x: Enhanced Learning and Skill Development

Amplify your ability to acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly, allowing you to adapt and excel in an ever-evolving world.

Wescle AI – Tailored for Everyone!

Whether you’re a skilled wordsmith writer, a savvy marketer, a budding entrepreneur, a dedicated student, a curious researcher, or a forward-thinking innovator, Wescle AI is here to empower you. Our versatile platform caters to a wide array of professions, ensuring that all your needs are met. And the best part? If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, let us know! We’re dedicated to serving our community by continually adding new templates and chat tasks that matter to you.

Seamless Support for Your Daily Life, Work, Business, Learning, and Earning Needs!

Effortless Living: How Wescle Can Streamline Your Daily Tasks:

Say goodbye to complexity and welcome a new era of seamless efficiency

Writing Emails

Composing professional and effective emails for various purposes. 

Social Media Posts

Crafting engaging and tailored content for social media platforms.

To-Do Lists

Generating organized lists for tasks and errands.

Writing Journal Entries

Documenting thoughts, experiences, and reflections. 

Texting Friends

Sending messages to friends and family.

Event Invitations

Creating invitations for parties, meetings, and gatherings. 

Idea Generation

Brainstorming ideas for projects, gifts, and creative ventures.

Daily Affirmations

Crafting positive affirmations for self-motivation. 

Scheduling Reminders

Setting reminders for appointments and deadlines.

Creative Writing

Generating short stories, poems, and fictional content.

Recipe Creation

Crafting unique recipes for meals and special occasions. 

Personal Blogging

Writing blog posts about hobbies and experiences. 

Captioning Photos

Creating captions for social media and personal photos.

Greeting Cards

Crafting heartfelt messages for greeting cards.

Resume Writing

Composing resumes and CVs for job applications.

Travel Planning

Generating travel itineraries and packing lists.

Mindfulness Exercises

Crafting meditation and relaxation prompts. 

Language Learning

Creating vocabulary lists and language exercises.

Academic Writing

Generating essays and academic content.

Personal Storytelling

Crafting anecdotes and personal narratives.

And more…
Daily Life Tasks:

If you’re unable to locate precisely what you need to streamline your daily life tasks, please inform us!

Boosting Productivity: AI-Powered Solutions for Work and Business Tasks

Elevate your efficiency and achieve more with AI by your side

Proposal Writing

Crafting persuasive and detailed business proposals.

Content Creation

Generating articles, blog posts, and marketing content.

Marketing Copy

Creating compelling copy for advertisements and promotional materials.

Product Descriptions

Crafting accurate and engaging product descriptions.

Social Media Campaigns

Generating content for social media marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Writing effective emails for newsletters and customer engagement.

Press Releases

Composing press releases for newsworthy events and announcements.

Business Reports

Generating comprehensive reports with data analysis.

Meeting Agendas

Creating organized agendas for business meetings.

Presentation Slides

Crafting slides for presentations and pitches.

Sales Outreach

Generating personalized outreach emails for sales efforts.

Customer Support

Creating responses for frequently asked customer queries.

Job Descriptions

Writing detailed and appealing job descriptions for hiring.

Market Research

Crafting surveys and questions for market research.

Business Plans

Generating comprehensive business plans for startups and expansions.

Financial Reports

Writing reports with financial data and analysis.

Employee Communications

Creating internal communications for company updates.

Website Copy

Crafting content for company websites and landing pages.

Training Materials

Generating materials for employee training programs.

Client Proposals

Composing proposals for potential clients and projects.

And more…
Work & Business:

Should you not discover precisely what you’re seeking to enhance your work and business operations, kindly inform us!

Knowledge to Currency: AI-Enhanced Learning and Earning Opportunities

Discover the future-forward path where learning is an investment that pays dividends

Study Notes

Generating organized and comprehensive study notes for educational purposes.

Online Course Content

Creating course materials, lectures, and assignments.


Crafting step-by-step tutorials for various skills and subjects.

Language Learning

Generating vocabulary lists, sample sentences, and language exercises.

Ebook Creation

Writing and formatting content for ebooks and digital guides.

Educational Blog Posts

Creating informative and engaging blog posts on educational topics.

Quiz and Test Questions

Crafting questions for quizzes, tests, and assessments.

Affiliate Marketing Content

Creating content for affiliate marketing efforts.

Webinar Materials

Crafting content for webinars and online workshops.

Freelance Gig Proposals

Generating proposals for freelance job opportunities.

Social Media Management

Creating content plans and posts for social media management.

Personal Branding Content

Crafting content for personal branding efforts.

Email Newsletter Content

Writing content for email newsletters and subscriber updates.

Investment Guides

Generating informative content about various investment options.

Online Tutoring

Assisting with generating content and exercises for online tutoring sessions.

Educational Video Scripts

Writing scripts for educational videos and tutorials.

Course Outlines

Creating structured outlines for educational courses and workshops.

Learning Assessments

Crafting assessments to gauge learning progress and knowledge.

Resume/CV Review

Providing feedback and suggestions for improving resumes.

Educational Podcast Episodes

Generating content for educational podcast episodes.

And more…
Learning & Earning:

In case the exact knowledge or tools you require for accelerating your learning and earning journey isn’t found, do let us know!

Unlock the Future: Where Cutting-edge AI and Human Mastery Converge!

Discover the Unseen Difference Across Our Template Tasks and Chats, Setting Us Apart from Products Like ChatGPT…

Human-Touched Quality

Experience content of unparalleled quality as Wescle AI harmoniously blends AI capabilities with meticulous human crafting, guaranteeing refined outcomes for every task.

Multifaceted AI Expertise

Unleash the potential of 62 expert personas seamlessly integrated into our AI, refined by 17 years of IT development expertise. Experience unparalleled insights, continuous enhancements, and flawless task completion across 73 diverse industries.

Tailored Creations

Unlock a treasure trove of customization options, allowing you to infuse your content with a distinct tone and style. No more generic content – our Custom Prompt and Template Builder features enable you to tailor every aspect to your specific needs, creating personalized outputs that deeply resonate with your audience.

Integration and Innovation

Enjoy a constantly evolving ecosystem with AI-powered features like code generation, audio-to-text conversion, and a dynamic web builder. Our seamless integrations and collaborative tools optimize content management.

Explore a Multitude of AI-Powered Roles: Your Path to Infinite Capabilities

Task Mastery Made Easy with Your Personalized Assistant

  • AI Targetologist

    Your friendly Targetologist AI, specialized in creating effective target marketing strategies for your business

    AI SEO Specialist

    Your analytical and strategic AI assistant specialized in improving website rankings and visibility on search engines

    AI Digital Strategist

    Your strategic and data-driven AI assistant specialized in developing effective digital marketing strategies for different businesses

    AI Social Media Manager

    Your creative and data-driven AI assistant specialized in developing engaging social media campaigns for diverse audiences

    AI Digital Marketer

    Your creative and data-driven AI assistant specialized in developing effective digital marketing campaigns for a variety of platforms

    AI Public Relations

    Your helpful and friendly AI assistant specialized in public relations. With my vast knowledge of communication strategies, media relations, and social media management

    AI Marketer

    Your creative and friendly AI Marketer, specialized in providing marketing insights, research, strategy, and advertising support to help you achieve your business objectives and reach your target audience

  • AI Prompt Engineer

    Your go-to AI for crafting effective prompts that generate accurate and unique responses

    AI Mobile Developer

    Your creative and detail-oriented AI assistant specialized in designing and developing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices

    AI Systems Administrator

    Your technical and analytical AI assistant specialized in maintaining and supporting complex computer systems for businesses

    AI Quality Assurance

    Your meticulous and detail-oriented AI assistant specialized in ensuring that your products and processes meet the desired quality standards

    AI Backend Developer

    Your innovative and analytical AI assistant specialized in building robust and scalable web applications with proficiency in multiple programming languages, designing databases, and integrating APIs

    AI Frontend Developer

    Your creative and detail-oriented AI assistant specialized in designing and developing aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly web interfaces

    AI Full Stack Developer

    Your analytical and innovative AI assistant specialized in developing comprehensive web applications with proficiency in multiple programming languages

    AI DevOps Engineer

    Your analytical and innovative AI assistant specialized in optimizing development processes, automating IT operations, and improving application delivery

    AI Software Developer

    Your technical and creative AI assistant specialized in designing, coding, and maintaining software applications for a variety of platforms

    AI Game Developer

    Your innovative and creative AI assistant specialized in designing, building, and programming video games for a variety of platforms

    AI Deep Learning Engineer

    Your innovative and technical AI assistant specialized in developing, training, and optimizing deep learning models for a variety of applications

    AI Chatbot Developer

    Your innovative and creative AI assistant specialized in building, designing and customizing chatbots for various applications in order to provide seamless and efficient interactions with users

    AI Robotics Engineer

    Your innovative and technical AI assistant specialized in designing, building, and programming robots for a variety of applications

    AI Neural Network Engineer

    Your innovative and creative AI assistant specialized in designing, optimizing, and deploying advanced neural networks for a variety of applications

  • AI Song Writer

    Your creative and insightful AI assistant specialized in crafting, analyzing, brainstorming, and more to help you perfect your songwriting skills

    AI Speech Writer

    Your friendly Speech Writer AI, specialized in crafting impactful speeches for various occasions

    AI Copywriter

    Your creative and versatile AI assistant specialized in creating compelling content for a variety of formats and channels

    AI Content Creator

    Your creative and versatile AI assistant specialized in creating compelling content for diverse audiences

    AI Technical Writer

    Your organized and detail-oriented AI assistant specialized in creating effective technical documentation for a variety of sectors

    AI Poet

    Your imaginative and friendly AI Poet, specialized in helping you create poetry that expresses your emotions and feelings, and inspires others with its beauty and creativity

  • AI Crisis Manager

    Your friendly Crisis Manager AI, specialized in managing crises and navigating difficult situations with empathy and proactiveness

    AI Operations Manager

    Your analytical and adaptable AI assistant specialized in streamlining and optimizing business operations for improved performance and profitability

    AI Product Manager

    Your analytical and strategic AI assistant specialized in managing product development processes from ideation to launch

  • AI Business Consultant

    Your friendly Business Consultant AI, specialized in providing customized guidance and solutions to improve and grow your business

    AI Legal Specialist

    Your friendly Legal Specialist AI, specialized in providing legal guidance and solutions for your business needs

    AI Entrepreneur Consultant

    Your supportive AI entrepreneurship assistant. Equipped with insights on business models and growth tactics, it helps refine ideas, analyze trends, and power success for startups and existing businesses alike

  • AI Database Administrator

    Your friendly Database Administrator AI that can manage and maintain efficient database systems for your business

    AI Cybersecurity Analyst

    Your technical and analytical AI assistant specialized in protecting computer systems and networks from cyber threats

    AI Business Intelligence

    Your analytical and strategic AI assistant specialized in collecting, processing, and interpreting data to support informed business decision-making

    AI Big Data Engineer

    Your innovative and technical AI assistant specialized in managing, processing, and extracting insights from large datasets for various applications

    AI Data Analyst

    Your helpful and friendly AI assistant, specialized in data analysis. With an extensive understanding of both structured and unstructured data, it is poised to support you in the tasks of analyzing, interpreting, and effectively representing your data.

  • AI UI Designer

    Your creative and user-focused AI assistant specialized in designing visually appealing and functional user interfaces for a variety of digital products

    AI UX Designer

    Your creative and intuitive AI assistant specialized in designing engaging and effective user experiences for a variety of platforms

    AI Information Architect

    Your analytical and creative AI assistant specialized in organizing and optimizing information for various applications

    AI Fashion Designer

    Your fashion-savvy AI assistant. With a deep understanding of styles and trends, it’s here to assist in uncovering your distinct fashion identity, curating exceptional outfits, and keeping you in the loop with the latest in fashion news

  • AI Cognitive Scientist

    Your empathetic and insightful AI assistant specialized in understanding human cognition, emotion, and behavior

    AI Mathematician

    Your helpful and friendly AI assistant specialized in mathematics. With my vast knowledge of mathematical concepts and formulas, I can assist you in solving complex math problems, exploring mathematical theories, and developing innovative solutions

    AI Teacher

    Your education-focused AI assistant. Armed with diverse subject expertise, it’s here to aid in grasping new concepts, excelling in exam preparation, and conquering challenging subjects with ease

    AI Historian

    Your history-oriented AI assistant. Proficient in historical events and facts, it’s ready to help you explore any historical subject, spanning from ancient civilizations to the contemporary era

    AI Polyglot

    Your very own AI polyglot assistant specialized in language learning, translation, interpretation, and more

    AI Philosopher

    Your wise and philosophical AI assistant specialized in deep thinking, critical analysis, moral reasoning, and more

  • AI Human Resource

    A helpful and knowledgeable AI assistant specialized in human resources, with a wealth of expertise in employment regulations, employee benefits, and workplace policies

    AI Relationship Coach

    Your friendly and supportive Relationship Coach AI, specialized in guiding you through relationship issues, improving communication, building trust, and more

    AI Interviewer

    Your inquisitive and friendly AI Interviewer, specialized in assisting you with conducting interviews, gathering insights, and analyzing data to help you make informed decisions and achieve your goals

    AI Motivational Coach

    Your encouraging and friendly AI Motivational Coach, specialized in providing support, inspiration, and guidance to help you achieve your goals and overcome any challenges you may face

  • AI Doctor

    Your reliable AI medical assistant. It offers sound health information and basic medical advice. Remember, consult a doctor before taking any actions based on AI suggestions.

    AI Nutritionist

    Your knowledgeable and friendly AI assistant specialized in creating personalized nutrition plans, analyzing your diet, researching the best foods for optimal health, and providing support and guidance to help you achieve your health goals

    AI Personal Trainer

    Your motivating and knowledgeable AI assistant specialized in creating personalized workout plans, tracking progress, providing nutritional advice, and offering support to help you achieve your fitness goals

  • AI Astrologer

    Your insightful and knowledgeable AI astrologer specialized in providing insights on celestial bodies, horoscopes, natal charts, and more

    AI Comedian

    Your witty and humorous AI Comedian, specialized in telling jokes, making puns, and bringing laughter to your day. Whether you need a quick joke to brighten your mood or a comedic story to share with your friends

  • AI Accountant

    Your reliable and professional AI assistant specialized in financial management, analysis, and reporting

  • AI Chef

    Your helpful and friendly AI assistant specialized in cooking, recipe creation, ingredient pairing, and more. Please be advised that consuming dishes suggested by the AI is at your own risk. Always exercise caution and verify AI suggestions before consumption.

    AI Scientist

    Your analytical and knowledgeable AI assistant specialized in conducting experiments, analyzing data, researching scientific concepts, and providing insights to help you better understand complex phenomena

    AI Travel Guide

    Your knowledgeable and adventurous AI Travel Guide, specialized in helping you plan your next travel adventure, providing recommendations for destinations and activities, and finding the best deals for your travels. Let’s explore the world together

Wescle’s Tools and Features

Empowering Your Distinctive Voice and Writing Style

Briefing AI Assistants with Precision: Influencing Conversations through Your Chosen Tone and Manner. Whether you exude confidence, embrace playfulness, or adopt formality, Wescle learns from your brand, aiding you in upholding a consistent expression across all required tasks.

Your Queries Answered and Tasks Perfected

Experience the Ease of Direct Expert Consultation, Pose Questions in Your Unique Style, and Receive Skillful Responses and Flawless Task Accomplishment. Empowered by Advanced AI and Fine-Tuned by Human Expertise.

Elevate Your Brand Consistency with Seamless Data Upload

Enhance your brand’s cohesion by effortlessly uploading crucial data such as company details, products or services, and customer insights.

Wescle gains a comprehensive understanding, enabling consistent communication tailored to your brand’s voice.

Internet Access: Reliable Data Anytime, Anywhere

Access accurate and current information, readily available to you anytime and anywhere, seamlessly integrated across templates, chat interactions, and AutoGPT functionalities.

Compose, brainstorm, and generate content about the present global situation. Utilize this information with your prompt requests to obtain precise outcomes.

Your Trusted Brand Guardian, Every Step of the Way

Wescle, your vigilant protector, ensures the security and privacy of your data through cutting-edge built-in features that adapt alongside evolving security protocols.

With our data centers located in Europe and US, and our commitment to never training third-party AI/ML models on your information or retaining ownership of your outputs, your trust in us is paramount.

How Can Wescle Assist You?

120+ Wescle Templates: Simplify Daily Life, Work, and Learning for Effortless Productivity. All features available across all pricing plans.

imageSEO Workflow
imageSocial Media Campaign Workflow
imageRedraft the Content Workflow
imageVideo Workflow
imageEmail Workflow
imageArticle & Blog Workflow
imagePricing Generator
imagePhoto Recommendations
imageStartup Ideas
imageSMART Framework
imageNiche Finder
imageBusiness Idea Pitch
imageEmail Responder
imageEmail Signature
imageEmail Generator
imageEmail Subject Lines
imageTranslator Tool
imageContent Shortener
imageContent Expander
imageReview Responder
imageEntity Recognition and Extraction Tool
imageWriting Style Identifier
imageTone Identifier
imageBusiness Proposal Maker
imageContent Summarizer
imageStory Generator
imageQuestions Generator
imageAnswers Generator
imageQ&A Generator
imageParaphrasing Tool
imageThird-Person Converter
imageAnalogy Maker
imageDefine This/Explain to a Child Tool
imageChannel Description
imageTwitter (X) Threads
imageTwitter (X) Tweets
imageVideo Scripts
imageVideo Hooks
imageVideo Intros
imageVideo Outlines
imageVideo Descriptions
imageVideo Titles
imageVideo Ideas
imageSocial Media Hashtags
imageSocial Media Post
imageArticle & Blog Rewrite in 1 click
imageArticle & Blog Alternate Titles
imageArticle & Blog Conclusions
imageArticle & Blog Paragraphs
imageArticle & Blog Intros
imageArticle & Blog Outlines
imageArticle & Blog Ideas
imageDescription for Any Section
imagePersuasive Bullet Points
imageProduct or Service Side-By-Side Comparison
imageUnique Value Proposition (UVP)
imageFAQs Generator
imageFeatures to Benefits
imagePros and Cons
imageProduct Descriptions
imageService Descriptions
imageCall-to-Action (CTA)
imageOffsite Promotion Brainstormer
imageDigital Promotion Brainstormer
imageGrowth Ideas
imageCustomer Avatar Generator
imageFAB Framework
imageSTEPPS Framework
imageSMART Framework
imageRACE Framework
image4Ps Framework
imageAIDA Framework
imagePain-Agitate-Solution Framework
imageServices Brief Generator
imageBrand Voice and Tone
imageBrand Positioning
imagePESTLE Analysis
imageSWOT Analysis
imageCompany Bio
imageCompany Vision
imageCompany Mission
imageMeta Tags Generator
imageListicle Ideas
imageFind Questions on a Topic
imageKeyword Strategy
imageFind Long-Tail Queries
imageKeyword Extractor
imageKeyword Search Intent Classifier
imageKeywords Grouping and Clusterization
imageKeywords Generator
imageSitemap Generator
imageBrand/Product/Service Name & Slogan Generator
imageGoogle Ads
imageLinkedIn Ads
imageFacebook Ads

Wescle Chat: Powered by GPT-3.5/4 – Your ChatGPT-Like Companion

Experience dynamic and natural interactions as Wescle Chat engages with you in meaningful conversations, offering insights, information, and assistance across various topics.


Engage in a conversation with an AI chatbot that aids you in tasks, accelerates research, and provides swift answers to inquiries, mimicking human interaction.

Streamlined Interactions

Leverage automated chat templates for error-free AI interactions, guided step by step, enhancing both communication and learning.

Endless Possibilities

Enjoy limitless prompts spanning diverse categories, eliminating the need for extra purchases, and create personalized templates for your daily requirements.

Effortless Voice Input

Easily assign tasks or input text using voice commands, ensuring convenience and accessibility in your interactions.

Interactive Voiceover

Enable voiceover to interpret results in 27 languages or engage in conversational mode for a two-way auditory experience.

Seamless Internet Access

Retrieve accurate, up-to-date information from the internet via keywords or URLs, simplifying prompt fulfillment based on your input.

Efficient Translation

Choose AI-generated translations or an integrated translator for effective multilingual communication beyond English.

Enhanced Productivity

Benefit from built-in conversation tips to boost research, content creation, and brainstorming, obtaining comprehensive topic-related information.

Tailored Voice Selection

Pick from 64 preset tones of voice to suit your specific needs and preferences or add your own.

Diverse Personalities

Select from 62 pre-designed personalities or create your own, generating high-quality AI responses tailored to your requirements.

Precise Industry Alignment

Access 73 pre-configured industries, ensuring accurate responses aligned with specific prompts and directional needs.

Custom Prompt Builder

Utilize the Prompt Builder feature to curate personalized prompt sets, optimizing workflow efficiency using custom templates.

Ample Knowledge Integration

Incorporate unlimited knowledge resources within each document, efficiently organizing project data for reuse across various prompts.

And more…

Wescle: Long Form Editor with Booster Enhancement, Docs-Like

Redefine your approach to content creation, offering an all-encompassing platform for meticulously crafting extensive documents with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Google Docs-Like Interface

Experience a user-friendly editor akin to Google Docs, enriched with advanced features for effortless content generation, expansion, and enhancement.

Ask AI Functionality

Engage the innovative Ask AI feature by highlighting content and using essential preset buttons, simplifying common actions and generating content based on your selections.

Efficient Shortcut-Based Tasks

Seamlessly perform tasks within the editor through convenient keyboard shortcuts, enabling swift creation and execution directly within the editing interface.

Professional Branded Documents

Utilize built-in document branding to present client-oriented generated content; upon download, your logo, contact details, and additional service information will be included, adding a touch of professionalism.

Integrated Photostock

Effortlessly select desired images with links and author credits using the built-in photostock feature, enhancing your articles or social media content creation process.

Collaboration and Sharing

Share time-limited view links and download content in PDF or Docx formats, fostering real-time client collaboration through comments within your project document.

Quick Decision Buttons

Access built-in quick decision buttons and prompt suggestions, offering options such as expansion, summarization, rewriting for clarity, simplifying language, and more.


Wescle Fantasies (Art)

Transforming Imagination into Stunning Visuals


Unlock a World of Artistic Innovation

Experience text-to-image transformation, multi-prompting for unparalleled creative guidance, expertly crafted prompt builders, and enhanced image upscaling to elevate your artistic visions like never before.

Text To Image Magic

Harness the power of AI to swiftly transform text requests into high-quality art, images for ads, thumbnails, and illustrations. Enjoy watermark-free, high-resolution results that bring your concepts to life.

Multi-Prompting for Artistry

Elevate your creative process with the Multi-Prompting (Image+Text) to Image feature. Combine images and descriptive text to guide AI in realizing your artistic visions like never before.

Crafted Prompt Builder

Step into the shoes of a seasoned photographer with our meticulously designed prompt builders. These templates consider every element, from models to environments and lighting, assisting you in capturing the perfect shot.

Enhanced Image Upscaling

Utilize Image Upscaling to transform AI-generated images into high-resolution masterpieces. Ensure your creations are suitable for various applications while retaining their intended impact.

Wescle Code Editor: Masterful Coding Made Effortless

Discover the Wescle Code Editor, where coding mastery becomes second nature. With AI-driven assistance, real-time previews, quick shortcuts, and HTML export, elevate your coding experience to new heights.

Ask AI for Coding Excellence

Empower your coding journey with the Ask AI functionality. Highlight code sections and use preset buttons to streamline tasks and generate code snippets based on your selections.

Efficient Shortcut-Based Tasks

Streamline your coding process with keyboard shortcuts, enabling swift execution of tasks directly within the editor interface.

Real-Time Live Preview

Witness your code come to life with the live preview feature. Any code you create within HTML, CSS, and JS sections will be instantly reflected in the preview, enhancing your development experience.

Integrated Photostock Convenience

Seamlessly integrate images into your code with the built-in photostock tool. Select images, add links, and attribute authors effortlessly while working on your codebase.

Simple HTML Export

Effortlessly convert structured code documents into HTML format with a single click, simplifying the process of sharing and deploying your web creations.

Wescle AutoGPT Mode: Multi-Tasking and Automation for Optimal Efficiency

Experience the future of productivity with Wescle AutoGPT Mode. Effortlessly juggle tasks, harness sequential workflows, and achieve more even while you rest. Wescle works tirelessly, enabling optimal efficiency beyond imagination.

Efficient Multi-Task Builder

Harness the power of the Multi-Task Builder to generate articles of up to 50,000 words or orchestrate complex processes like business plan creation. Seamlessly utilize output from one task as input for the next, enhancing productivity.

Sequential Tasking Mastery

Execute tasks sequentially for versatile functionality. With tasks in the queue, select the next task and reference outputs from previous tasks as inputs, ensuring seamless continuity.

Instant Internet Access

Access the internet through keywords or URLs to gather accurate and current information. Simplify prompt fulfillment by providing the AI with up-to-date external data.

Background Mode & Delayed Start

Optimize efficiency with the Background Mode & Delayed Start feature. Schedule automated routine tasks to continue even after closing your browser or site tab, maximizing productivity.

Comprehensive Prompt Builder

Utilize the Prompt Builder to transform single requests into detailed task descriptions. Enable the AI to comprehensively understand and execute tasks optimally.

Automated Integration with Editors

Enable the Auto Add to Editor feature within Long Form Editor or Code Editor. Automatically place completed automation tasks within specified sections, seamlessly integrating AI-generated content.

Wescle Audio Transcription: Seamlessly Transform Spoken Words into Text

Say goodbye to manual transcribing as Wescle seamlessly transforms spoken words into accurate text, saving you time and streamlining your work process.

Multilingual Audio Transformation

Effortlessly transcribe audio from 27 languages into English, bridging communication gaps and enabling efficient content extraction.

Instant Translation

Further enhance your transcribed content by seamlessly translating it based on your needs, opening doors to global communication and understanding.

Streamline Meeting Notes

Transform your meeting notes into organized and easily accessible structured data with our seamless solution, revolutionizing the way you capture and utilize valuable insights.

Wescle Mindmap Editor: Visualize Your Ideas with AI Precision

Unleash your creativity and streamline your planning with our intuitive editor, helping you organize and visualize thoughts like never before.

Effortless Content Generation

Leverage the Ask AI capability to simplify tasks and generate sitemaps, mind maps, and idea maps. Highlight content and use preset buttons for streamlined actions, powered by AI.

Real-Time Preview

Immerse yourself in the creative process with a live preview feature. See your mind map come to life as any content you create within the mindmap editor sections is instantly reflected in the dynamic preview.

Integrated Image Selection

Enhance your mind map’s visual impact with the integrated photostock tool. Select images, add links, and attribute authors seamlessly within the mindmap interface.

Versatile Export Options

Easily share your creations with others by exporting structured and interactive mindmaps to HTML or SVG documents with just a click.

Mathematical Equations Made Simple

Benefit from Katex markup functionality, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate mathematical calculations and formulas into your mindmaps for clear presentation of complex concepts.

Wescle To-Do List Mode: Organize and Execute Tasks with Intelligent Lists

Experience a new level of efficiency as Wescle helps you prioritize, track, and accomplish tasks, making your to-do list an ally in productivity.

AI-Powered Task Transformation

Harness the AI List Generator to convert individual task requests into thorough step-by-step execution lists. Ensure nothing important is overlooked as you create comprehensive plans.

Structured Multi-Level Organization

Enhance your task management process with Multi-Level Lists. Organize tasks into structured hierarchies with up to four levels of depth, allowing for clear categorization and prioritization.

Project-Focused Efficiency

Elevate your project management game by maintaining separate and dedicated todo lists within each project folder, ensuring streamlined organization and focused task management like never before.

Versatile Export Options

Easily share your creations with others by exporting structured and interactive mindmaps to HTML or SVG documents with just a click.

Mathematical Equations Made Simple

Benefit from Katex markup functionality, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate mathematical calculations and formulas into your mindmaps for clear presentation of complex concepts.

Wescle Extras: Elevate Your AI Experience with Enhanced Features

Experience organized outcomes through efficient data management, track your progress with content history, and enjoy optimized prompting for more productive interactions. Upgrade your AI journey with Wescle Extras.

Effortless Data Management

Seamlessly organize AI-generated outcomes into sub-categories, providing a structured approach for future reference and retrieval.

Comprehensive Content History

Maintain a detailed history log categorizing content generated by type. Deleted data marked as ‘To be deleted’ will be automatically scheduled for removal within 30 days, subject to content violation checks if applicable.

Optimized Prompting

Streamline tasks involving Art, Chat, and Templates with the Enhance Prompt feature. Ensure that your prompts are refined to enable optimal AI comprehension, regardless of the task type.

Wescle Chrome Extension: Unleash Functionality Across the Web

Enhance every digital interaction with the Wescle Chrome Extension. Seamlessly access all the features available on our web app – whether you’re composing emails, drafting social media posts, engaging with friends on social platforms, or blogging on any website tab. Your creativity knows no bounds.

Wescle Unlimited: Your Creativity, Supercharged with Personalized API Key Integration

Take control of your AI experience by incorporating your own API keys, including those from OpenAI and StabilityAI. Access Word, Image + Upscaling, and Audio to Text features without any limitations. API requests will be billed based on the corresponding service’s pricing directly.

Choose Wescle Unlimited for the freedom to craft content without bounds, tapping into a world of unrestricted creativity. Limitless Creative Power: all under the umbrella of our versatile subscription packages.

Explore Pricing Plans

API Unlimited
Unlock boundless possibilities with complete and unrestricted access to all system features. Seamlessly utilize an extensive range of tools, from text generation to image processing, image upscaling, and even audio-to-text capabilities, all powered by your very own keys.
$ 20 month
Subscribe Now
  • Words Unlimited
  • AutoGPT Mode
  • Extra limits Not included, available for separate purchase in packages.
  • GPT 3.5/4 Powered Chat
  • Long Form Editor
  • Code Editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Fantasies (Art)
  • 120+AI Templates
  • Audio Transcription
  • Mindmap Editor
  • To-Do List Mode
  • 27 Languages
  • Custom Template Order
  • Support & Access to resources
  • WordPress-based AI solutions Partially included
  • Own API Keys Access limitless words, images, and audio-to-text capabilities
Ignite your potential: for the visionaries, the private bloggers, and the small businesses ready to make their mark. This tier comes with an inclusive Automation to streamline your processes and elevate your content effortlessly.
$ 32 month
Subscribe Now
  • Words 250 000
  • AutoGPT Mode 1
  • Extra limits outlined in detail below
  • GPT 3.5/4 Powered Chat
  • Long Form Editor
  • Code Editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Fantasies (Art)
  • 120+AI Templates
  • Audio Transcription
  • Mindmap Editor
  • To-Do List Mode
  • 27 Languages
  • Custom Template Order
  • Support & Access to resources
  • WordPress-based AI solutions Partially included
  • Own API Keys Access limitless words, images, and audio-to-text capabilities
Fueling growth and innovation: step into the realm of medium-sized agencies with the Gold tier. With ten Automations in your arsenal, you’ll orchestrate diverse client projects with finesse, setting new standards for excellence.
$ 105 month
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  • Words 1 500 000
  • AutoGPT Mode 10
  • Extra limits outlined in detail below
  • GPT 3.5/4 Powered Chat
  • Long Form Editor
  • Code Editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Fantasies (Art)
  • 120+AI Templates
  • Audio Transcription
  • Mindmap Editor
  • To-Do List Mode
  • 27 Languages
  • Custom Template Order
  • Support & Access to resources
  • WordPress-based AI solutions
  • Own API Keys Access limitless words, images, and audio-to-text capabilities
Mastering complexity with ease: tailored for the giants, the jugglers of numerous clients and multifaceted projects. The Platinum tier presents you with fifteen Automations, ensuring that complexity is met with seamless solutions.
$ 149 month
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  • Words 2 500 000
  • AutoGPT Mode 15
  • Extra limits outlined in detail below
  • GPT 3.5/4 Powered Chat
  • Long Form Editor
  • Code Editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Fantasies (Art)
  • 120+AI Templates
  • Audio Transcription
  • Mindmap Editor
  • To-Do List Mode
  • 27 Languages
  • Custom Template Order
  • Support & Access to resources
  • WordPress-based AI solutions
  • Own API Keys Access limitless words, images, and audio-to-text capabilities
Where limitations cease to exist: exclusively designed for the paragons of the industry – the large agencies with an expansive clientele. The Diamond tier boasts an astounding twenty-five Automations, enabling you to orchestrate a symphony of success for every client.
$ 189 month
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  • Words 3 000 000
  • AutoGPT Mode 25
  • Extra limits outlined in detail below
  • GPT 3.5/4 Powered Chat
  • Long Form Editor
  • Code Editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Fantasies (Art)
  • 120+AI Templates
  • Audio Transcription
  • Mindmap Editor
  • To-Do List Mode
  • 27 Languages
  • Custom Template Order
  • Support & Access to resources
  • WordPress-based AI solutions
  • Own API Keys Access limitless words, images, and audio-to-text capabilities
400 Text To Voice
$ 20 One-time Purchase
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200 Text To Voice
$ 10 One-time Purchase
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100 Text To Voice
$ 5 One-time Purchase
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400 Audio To Text
$ 20 One-time Purchase
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200 Audio To Text
$ 10 One-time Purchase
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100 Audio To Text
$ 5 One-time Purchase
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400 Image Upscaling
$ 25 One-time Purchase
Buy Now
200 Image Upscaling
$ 15 One-time Purchase
Buy Now
100 Image Upscaling
$ 10 One-time Purchase
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400 Images
$ 25 One-time Purchase
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200 Images
$ 15 One-time Purchase
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100 Images
$ 10 One-time Purchase
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2 500 000 Words
$ 40 One-time Purchase
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1 500 000 Words
$ 25 One-time Purchase
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750 000 Words
$ 15 One-time Purchase
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Elevate Your Wescle Experience with Premium Support and Exclusive Benefits

Enjoy tailored assistance, be the first to access new features, and receive dedicated support that takes your Wescle journey to the next level.

Tailored Assistance

Access personalized solutions with an individual order. Request custom chat templates, create unique tasks within templates, or add personalized buttons to streamline editing processes

Early Access to New Features

Enjoy priority access to all the latest features and templates, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of innovation

Dedicated Support

Benefit from comprehensive support at the beginning of your subscription and throughout its duration, ensuring a seamless experience 

Abundant Resources

Access a wealth of resources including training videos, premium articles, webinar participation, and an extensive prompts database, enhancing your AI journey

Wescle: Seamless WordPress Solutions for Your Online Presence

Elevate your subscription even further with an incredible bonus – an SEO-optimized WordPress Template/Builder included with every subscription. This robust builder boasts an extensive array of 360+ settings and a wide range of functions, making it the perfect tool for effortlessly creating a diverse array of websites, from dynamic blogs to fully functional online stores. Its adaptability to all screen sizes ensures a flawless user experience across devices.

Wescle AI-powered Dynamic Self-Educational Web Builder

Stay tuned for these AI-powered features, transforming web-building and management into an effortless experience.

Coming Soon

AI-powered Landing Page Builder

AI-powered Landing Page Builder, a groundbreaking solution that streamlines your web development process. By simply entering your specific activity and desired site type, you unlock a world of possibilities with just a single click. Our cutting-edge AI technology takes over, swiftly generating impeccable code and captivating content that aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Gone are the days of grappling with complex coding and content creation. With our Landing Page Builder, you harness the power of artificial intelligence to bring your ideas to life effortlessly. Once the AI has crafted your masterpiece, the integration process is a breeze. The generated output seamlessly integrates into your WordPress platform, ensuring a hassle-free transition from conception to reality. Embrace the future of web development with our AI-powered solution, and watch as your visions materialize into stunning, functional landing pages with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Coming Soon

AI-powered SEO Automation

Step into the future of SEO with our state-of-the-art AI-powered SEO Automation platform. Imagine a tool that not only creates articles and adds products with remarkable precision but also keeps a vigilant eye on emerging trends. With the ability to generate meta details and tailored content rooted in the latest trend requests, our AI empowers you to stay at the forefront of search engine optimization effortlessly.

Gone are the days of manual keyword research and painstaking content creation. Our AI takes charge, crafting articles and product listings that resonate with your target audience while aligning seamlessly with current trends. From meta titles to descriptions, our system ensures every aspect of your content is optimized for maximum online visibility. Simply input the trend requests, and watch as the AI orchestrates a symphony of SEO elements that propel your website to the top ranks. Embrace the future of digital marketing with our AI-powered SEO Automation, and witness the transformation as your online presence becomes a magnet for organic traffic and unparalleled success.

Coming Soon

AI Chat Widget/Bot Automation

Elevate your customer support experience with our cutting-edge AI Chat Widget/Bot Automation. Gone are the days of delayed responses and limited availability. Our AI-powered solution is primed to handle inquiries swiftly and intelligently. By seamlessly interfacing with your database, it retrieves essential information and provides valuable insights to your customers, resulting in a substantial enhancement of customer engagement.

Imagine a bot that acts as your round-the-clock customer service representative, instantly addressing questions and concerns. Beyond just responding, it taps into your database’s wealth of knowledge to furnish users with detailed information and meaningful suggestions. This dynamic interaction not only addresses immediate inquiries but also contributes to a richer customer experience. With our AI Chat Widget/Bot Automation, you’re not just automating responses; you’re creating a personalized, insightful, and always-available support system that leaves your customers impressed and engaged like never before. Welcome a new era of customer interaction where every chat becomes an opportunity to showcase your commitment to unparalleled service.

Coming Soon

AI-powered CRM

Introducing the future of customer relationship management: the AI-powered CRM seamlessly integrated into your WordPress ecosystem. Revolutionize the way you manage interactions by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Our CRM not only stores and organizes every customer interaction but also goes beyond, analyzing patterns and behaviors to provide invaluable insights that drive your sales efforts.

Imagine a system that not only records data but understands it. With our AI-driven CRM, you’re not just tracking customer interactions – you’re unlocking the ability to predict preferences, optimize communication, and personalize your sales approach. This technology translates into meaningful engagement and higher conversion rates. From capturing leads to guiding them through the sales funnel, our CRM becomes a partner in your success. Embrace this integration into your WordPress environment and witness how it transforms routine interactions into strategic opportunities, elevating your business to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Coming Soon

AI Analytics

Empower your business with AI Analytics, where our expert AI delves deep into user behavior, registration patterns, and sales trends to provide invaluable insights. Think of it as having a dedicated data scientist at your side, tirelessly studying every interaction to identify opportunities for growth. Not only does our AI analyze data, but it also takes the initiative to suggest optimizations and content enhancements that can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Visualize a process where your business decisions are driven by real-time, data-backed recommendations. Our AI is finely tuned to recognize patterns that might go unnoticed, enabling you to make informed choices that resonate with your audience. From pinpointing bottlenecks in your user journey to proposing content adjustments that enhance engagement, our AI Analytics offers a strategic edge. Embrace this transformative approach and watch as your business evolves, armed with insights that drive not just better decisions, but also customer satisfaction and business success.

Coming Soon

AI Auto Content Sharing

Experience the efficiency of AI Auto Content Sharing as your articles effortlessly go live for review, even during your off-hours. Imagine a system that doesn’t adhere to the constraints of time zones or work schedules. Our AI takes the reins, ensuring that your content is published and ready for review, even as you sleep.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our AI isn’t just a content scheduler; it’s a comprehensive social media manager. From coordinating post timings to optimizing engagement strategies, our AI ensures that your content reaches the right audience at the right time. Picture a scenario where your social media presence remains active and vibrant without your constant attention. Embrace this futuristic solution and free up your time to focus on what truly matters – crafting quality content and engaging with your audience on a deeper level. With AI Auto Content Sharing, your content strategy transcends time zones, and your social media presence becomes an ever-active, strategic force for brand growth.

Coming Soon

AI Trend & Site Tracking

Step into the future of online presence management with AI Trend & Site Tracking, your dedicated specialist for staying on top of the digital landscape. Imagine having an AI-powered assistant that not only monitors mentions of your brand but also responds promptly to emerging trends. This dynamic tool keeps you in the loop, ensuring that your online presence remains relevant and engaging.

Think of our AI as your personal content strategist. By analyzing trends and interactions, it not only keeps you informed but also helps you create content that resonates with your audience. From crafting blog posts to social media updates, our AI assists you in generating content that speaks to the moment. Moreover, it simplifies reporting, providing you with data-driven insights that guide your content strategy. Embrace this advanced solution and watch as your brand becomes a responsive, trend-setting force in the digital realm, effortlessly managed by the power of AI Trend & Site Tracking.


Wescle: Your Ultimate AI Solution, Elevating Productivity, Efficiency, and Learning Possibilities across Every Aspect of Life, Work, and Business.

By harnessing a wide range of AI-powered templates and chat-based functionalities, Wescle empowers you to seamlessly automate tasks, create impactful content, make well-informed decisions, and meet a spectrum of professional and personal demands.

Wescle currently supports a total of 27 languages. 

  1. English (US)
  2. English (UK)
  3. Ukrainian
  4. Russian
  5. Indonesian
  6. Estonian
  7. Finnish
  8. Swedish
  9. Slovenian
  10. Slovak
  11. Romanian
  12. Latvian
  13. Lithuanian
  14. Hungarian
  15. Greek
  16. Danish
  17. Czech
  18. Bulgarian
  19. Chinese
  20. Japanese
  21. Portuguese
  22. Spanish
  23. Polish
  24. Italian
  25. German
  26. Dutch
  27. French

Yes, Wescle allows you to access the internet using keywords or URLs to retrieve accurate and current information, simplifying prompt fulfillment.

WescleAI operates through a streamlined process, combining cutting-edge AI technology with human oversight to deliver exceptional results.

Here’s a breakdown of the key steps:

  1. Add Simple Prompt: The process begins with the input of a straightforward, user-defined prompt. This prompt acts as the guiding instruction for the AI system, setting the context and objectives for the task. Users can specify their requirements, whether it’s drafting an article, generating code, or providing answers to questions.
  2. Wescle Refine & Improve: Once the prompt is in place, WescleAI’s advanced algorithms and neural networks come into play. They analyze the prompt and generate an initial response or content based on the provided input.
  3. Output the Best Model Possible: After generating the initial content, WescleAI employs a two-fold approach to ensure the highest quality outcomes.
  • First, it automatically refines the content, improving coherence, grammar, and overall clarity. This automatic refinement ensures that the content is coherent and readable.
  • Second, WescleAI combines the power of AI with human expertise. The generated content is reviewed by human editors and experts who further enhance the output. They verify the accuracy of the information, ensure it aligns with the user’s intent, and maintain a high standard of quality.

The iterative refinement process continues until WescleAI outputs the best model possible. This combination of automated AI generation and human curation ensures that the content meets or exceeds the user’s expectations in terms of accuracy, relevance, and readability. The collaborative effort between AI technology and human expertise ensures that WescleAI consistently delivers tailored, high-quality results across a wide range of tasks.

WescleAI offers several benefits, including:

  • Automation of routine tasks, freeing up time for higher-priority activities.
  • Faster decision-making with AI assistance.
  • Increased content engagement and sales through automated content creation.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity by optimizing daily tasks.
  • Remarkable return on investment by enhancing workflow.
  • Support for a wide array of professions and tasks.
  • Constant refinement and enhancement of outcomes.

WescleAI offers its versatile capabilities to a wide spectrum of users, making it an invaluable tool for a myriad of purposes.

Here’s an expanded list of potential beneficiaries:

  • Content Creators: Writers, bloggers, and journalists can leverage WescleAI to generate engaging articles, blog posts, or news summaries quickly. It can spark creative ideas and assist in the writing process.
  • Marketers: Marketing professionals can tap into WescleAI’s prowess to create persuasive ad copy, craft compelling product descriptions, and generate marketing campaigns with precision.
  • Entrepreneurs: Business owners and startup founders can utilize WescleAI for drafting business plans, investor pitches, and strategic documents, helping them articulate their vision effectively.
  • Students: WescleAI serves as an educational companion for students. It can provide research assistance, generate study materials, and offer explanations on various academic subjects.
  • Researchers: Academic researchers and scientists can expedite their work by using WescleAI to generate preliminary research summaries, draft scientific papers, or even brainstorm research ideas.
  • Innovators: Innovators and inventors can harness WescleAI to conceptualize new product ideas, create patent applications, and generate user manuals for their inventions.
  • Teachers: Educators can benefit from WescleAI by automating the creation of lesson plans, developing educational content, and generating quizzes or test questions.
  • Legal Professionals: Lawyers and legal researchers can save time by using WescleAI to draft legal documents, contracts, and legal research summaries.
  • Medical Practitioners: Healthcare professionals can use WescleAI to create patient education materials, generate medical reports, and summarize research findings.
  • Content Managers: Professionals responsible for website or social media content can rely on WescleAI to generate SEO-friendly content, social media posts, and marketing collateral.
  • Language Learners: Individuals learning a new language can use WescleAI to generate practice exercises, translate texts, and create language learning materials.
  • Data Analysts: Data analysts and scientists can employ WescleAI to help interpret data, generate data-driven reports, and create data visualization explanations.
  • Event Planners: Event organizers can benefit from WescleAI to draft event proposals, create event marketing materials, and generate attendee communication.
  • Personal Organizers: Individuals seeking personal organization assistance can use WescleAI to draft to-do lists, set reminders, and generate ideas for daily tasks and goals.

WescleAI’s adaptability and versatility cater to the diverse needs of these user groups, making it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency across a wide range of domains.

Wescle AI stands out through a combination of factors that set it apart from other platforms:

  • Human-Crafted Quality: Unlike some platforms that rely solely on AI-generated content, Wescle AI blends AI capabilities with meticulous human crafting. Every task benefits from thousands of hours of tested prompts, resulting in refined and high-quality outcomes.
  • Versatility Across Professions: Wescle AI caters to a diverse range of professions and needs. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, entrepreneur, student, or innovator, our platform offers versatile solutions to meet your requirements.
  • Seamless Support for Daily Life and Learning: Wescle AI isn’t limited to just business tasks. It excels at simplifying daily life, learning, and personal growth. From writing emails to generating study notes, Wescle covers a wide spectrum of needs.
  • Customization and Personalization: With over 120 templates and various options for tone, voice, and personality, Wescle AI lets you tailor content to your specific style and needs, allowing for highly personalized outputs.
  • AI-Powered Chat and Templates: Wescle AI provides automated chat templates and efficient solutions for various tasks, enabling guided and error-free interactions. It eliminates the need for extra purchases and facilitates effortless voice input.
  • Enhanced Editors and Tools: Wescle’s Long Form Editor and Code Editor offer advanced features akin to popular platforms like Google Docs, along with specialized tools for code generation, making content creation and coding effortless.
  • Visual and Audio Content Creation: Wescle goes beyond text with capabilities like transforming text to high-quality art and converting audio to text. The upcoming AI-powered dynamic web builder promises to revolutionize web creation.
  • Integration and Collaboration: Wescle AI’s integrations with WordPress, social media platforms, and more, along with collaborative features, promise a comprehensive ecosystem to manage and optimize content.
  • Refund and Ownership Policies: Wescle AI’s case-by-case refund policy and clarity on content ownership demonstrate a commitment to user satisfaction and rights.
  • Constant Innovation: Wescle AI’s commitment to introducing new features like Chrome Extension, WordPress integration, social media platform integration, and more ensures a forward-looking and evolving platform.

In essence, Wescle AI combines AI power with human touch, offering a versatile and user-centric experience that caters to a wide range of needs across various professions and aspects of life.

Absolutely! WescleAI is dedicated to serving its community by continually adding new templates and chat tasks based on user needs.

If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can suggest new tasks that matter to you.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We offer flexible subscription options to accommodate your changing needs.

Refund requests for annual paid plans will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. To request a refund, please reach out to our customer support team.

Please note that for monthly plans, refunds will not be provided if the usage includes a total of 1000 words or 10 images.

Wescle AutoGPT Mode is designed to make your work easier and more efficient. It does this by offering a range of features like a multi-task builder, the ability to work on tasks one after another seamlessly, quick internet access, and more. This mode is all about streamlining your workflow and helping you get things done faster.

You maintain full ownership of all the content generated within your account. This content can be employed for personal and commercial purposes.

Wescle respects your ownership rights and does not claim any stake in the generated copy present in your account.

Furthermore, please be aware that rules and policies set by platforms like OpenAI and StabilityAI can be subject to updates. It is your responsibility to remain informed and ensure ongoing compliance with any changes they may implement.

Currently, Wescle does not offer any integrations. However, we have some exciting integrations in the pipeline that will be coming soon to enhance your experience:

1. Chrome Extension: We are working on a Chrome extension that will seamlessly integrate Wescle into your browsing experience, allowing you to access AI-powered assistance directly from your browser.

2. WordPress Integration: Get ready for a seamless integration with WordPress, enabling you to streamline content creation and management on your WordPress websites with Wescle’s AI capabilities.

3. Social Media Platforms Integrations: We’re also developing integrations with various social media platforms. This will enable you to create and manage engaging content for your social media channels effortlessly.

Stay tuned for these upcoming integrations that will further empower your AI-assisted tasks and content creation.

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