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Wescle AI: Content Policy

When using our services, it is essential to adhere to our Content Policy:

Please refrain from creating, uploading, or sharing images that are not G-rated or have the potential to cause harm.

Our Content Policy outlines the following guidelines:

  • Hate: Do not use hateful symbols, employ negative stereotypes, liken specific groups to animals or objects, or engage in any form of expression that promotes hate based on identity.
  • Harassment: Refrain from engaging in activities such as mocking, threatening, or bullying individuals.
  • Violence: Avoid content that depicts violent acts, inflicts suffering, or humiliates others.
  • Self-harm: Steer clear of content related to suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, or any other attempts at harming oneself.
  • Sexual: Abstain from sharing nudity, sexual acts, sexual services, or content designed to provoke sexual excitement.
  • Shocking: Do not include content related to bodily fluids, obscene gestures, or other profane subjects that might shock or disgust.
  • Illegal activity: Content depicting drug use, theft, vandalism, or any other illegal activities is prohibited.
  • Deception: Avoid discussing major conspiracies or events tied to significant ongoing geopolitical occurrences.
  • Political: Content related to politicians, ballot-boxes, protests, or other material that could be employed to influence the political process or engage in campaigning is discouraged.
  • Public and personal health: Abstain from discussing the treatment, prevention, diagnosis, or transmission of diseases, as well as content involving people experiencing health issues.
  • Spam: Do not share unsolicited bulk content.

We encourage you to follow these guidelines to ensure a positive and respectful environment.

Please ensure accurate representation of AI involvement:

When sharing your work, it’s important to transparently disclose AI’s role in its creation.

While you have the option to remove the WescleAI signature, it’s essential not to mislead others about the work’s nature. For instance, you should not claim that the work was solely generated by humans or that it’s an unaltered photograph of a real event.

Uphold the rights of others:

  • Avoid uploading images of individuals without obtaining their consent.
  • Refrain from uploading images for which you do not possess the necessary usage rights.
  • Do not create images of public figures.

If you suspect any breaches of these regulations, kindly report them to our team via our Support Page or by email: info@wescle.com.

We will conduct a thorough investigation and respond accordingly, which may involve taking measures up to and including the termination of the account in violation.