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Transforming bed MOMMY LUX

Thanks to simple lines, natural materials and innovative solutions, the MOMMY LUX hb™ crib will be a cozy place for your baby from birth. The crib comes with a carrycot and an extension kit. The cradle gives you the opportunity to feel and see every breath of the crumbs - just remove the partition and move the cradle close to the parents' bed. To prevent the cradle from moving away from the adult bed, two fixing straps are included in the kit. It will be convenient for you to feed the baby, check your well-being, straighten the blanket or shift the baby after feeding, and the baby will feel safe next to his mother. A unique feature of the MOMMY LUX hb™ crib is the ability to tilt the bottom, which will prevent accidents associated with the natural burping of the baby during sleep. Ease of use is also ensured by the slatted bottom with the possibility of installation in 4 positions in height.


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