About Us - Wescle
Wescle - make complex things simple.

One of the key parts of any successful project is the team. We are a team of Ukrainian developers, we create projects of any complexity. Our specialists are scattered across Ukraine in such cities as Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Sloviansk, Kharkiv, Dnipro.

  • 14+ years of experience in IT
  • 2 years of development of Wescle
  • 1540+ working projects on Wescle
Our story

Our history goes back to 2007 when we started working with clients from different countries. We are those website developers who share your passion and vision, understand the limitations and pains, and want to make an IT product not only beautiful but also useful, functional to increase the popularity or profitability of your project.

We are currently working on the Wescle project. We have been creating the Wescle product for more than 2 years, and we have gathered here a very powerful experience from all our early developments. Based on our experience, we found a certain trend of queries, where sites with the same functionality and the direction of projects, in general, were often repeated.

After that, we had the main goal – to make a universal product that will help any individual (personal website, blog) or business (selling page, online store, corporate website) to launch within a few days.

As we grow, our clients grow, the world around us changes for the better. For why live, if not for the sake of striving for the high? IT is the only area of human activity that will outlive its creators. And we, being part of a huge IT community, develop it with all our efforts.

That’s how the idea came about to create a Wescle product that would be easy to use, accessible to everyone, and give you the opportunity to earn money doing what you love.

"Every step, movement draws our today, but to learn to hold the brush properly in our hand we need a mentor"
Stanislav Mandrik
CEO & Founder of Wescle Project
Stanislav is ready to change himself and change the approaches of his highly professional team to meet your needs, whether they are modest, like Jerry's mouse, or as ambitious as any Elon Mask project. Working in the field of IT for more than 14 years, he has an extensive and positive experience from developing various projects with top companies in the market, to launching and supporting startups.
Our mission

Make IT more accessible and understandable to everyone. Are you a retired military man or a decorative artist? Whoever you are by profession, you can learn how to create websites – for yourself, for friends, for sale … And we are ready to prompt and teach!

We already have a product that can let your imagination run wild, striking the beauty of those around you, like the rarest Ghost Orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) in the world. Unlike hundreds of those who promise to teach in 2 days how to “make billions of money without anything”, we give a specific product, training on it, and the ability to create websites from scratch without coding knowledge. And whether you will earn money with it or create for the soul or self-promotion – it’s up to you!

And remember: this is not a fern flower, this is the reality of the IT world, which today is at that stage of development where everyone can become a creator, genius, and artist – you just have to want to!

“There is no point in hiring smart people and then telling them what to do. We hire people to tell us what to do.”
Steve Jobs
Founder of Apple
Everything is possible!

We love what we do and we believe that anyone can start doing something new at any age, in any country, and in any social status. Change your life! And remember that only you influence the quality of changes!

Turning to us, you get a team that speaks your language, strives to grow your business performance, and ensure that your business is stimulated by the results of our work.